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Tel: 0415108229

Elena has been parciticing yoga and meditation for 5 years. She completed her teacher training with Samadhi Yoga and is registered with Yoga Alliance which enables her to teach worldwide.

She completed her Chilrens teacher training with Rainbow Kids Yoga and her Partner Yoga teacher training with Sun Moon Partner Yoga. Her Partner Yoga training enables her to teach both children and adults.

She specialises in Parnter Yoga as she believes it is an accelerated path to experience directly the root principle of Yoga – Union -our essential unity with others.  She brings this pracitce to the workforce to enhance team building and communication.

As a vegan she is very passionate on creating awareness on the connection betweeen yoga and vegetarianism but also the violence that is occuring towards animals. She supports meat free (Mon)days and holds a class every Monday to offer education and support. Proceeds from this class go to animal charities.

She is also the creator of Ahimsa Kids Yoga which empowers children to be peaceful warriors and the transformation of the world. It caters for all age groups , for children with special needs and Family yoga sessions.

She currently teaches in Newtown, in childcare centres and private sessions. She holds worksops on Partner Yoga and Yoga and Vegeterianism.


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