Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is a healing art that teaches the fundamental value of joining and sharing with others. It demonstrates how we become more authentic and empowered through our willingness to open and connect.

Partner yoga is not a substitute for individual Yoga Practice; it is an accelerated path to experience directly the root principle of Yoga – union. To experience union, we relax into our individual presence. And from this primary connection with ourselves, we realize our essential unity with others. Partner yoga is a powerful tool for embodied connection and skillful relating.

The principles of Partner Yoga are:                                                                                                                                     

Union – In Partner Yoga practices we learn about ourselves through each other. We begin to see, with compassion, the quality of our presence in our relationships. We discover where we are unwilling or unable to be present for each other or ourselves.

Trust – It is through trust that we come to know love as our true nature. Love and trust are intimately related in that we are unable to experience love as our true nature until trust is also present. In Partner Yoga practices we have the presence and support of our partner as we open to trust.

Compassion – Compassion is the bridge to true understanding. When we really consider another’s reality and experience, we make an authentic connection with them. Partner Yoga provides many wonderful opportunities to cultivate and practice compassion.

Surrender – Letting go of control and surrendering to our moment-to-moment experience is the pathway to peace. Our capacity to surrender is intimately connected with our capacity to trust. It is from trust and surrender that we begin to know our personal will and divine will as one and the same.  In Partner Yoga we support each other to deeply relax and surrender – and to know each other and ourselves to the deepest level.

Silence – Silence nourishes our Soul. Partner yoga practice is a way to focus our energy and create space in our minds and bodies for silence and stillness to emerge effortlessly.  As we practice being receptive to silence, our deeper natures are revealed and we come to know each other beyond our personalities.

Intimacy – Intimacy is a path of bravery. In order to experience intimacy beyond the sexual realm and broaden our definition and understanding of what intimacy is we must courageously and honestly confront and dissolve all that stands in the way of love.  Through Partner Yoga practices we create a context to explore intimate contact in ways that are safe and sacred.

Balance – In Partner Yoga there is always a point of balance and stillness in which we can rest, even in the most challenging postures.  When we find this point of expansive rest and feel it throughout our being – we align with life force and are able to experience the posture and life as the ecstatic joy it was meant to be.

When we provide traction to each other in posture – meeting movement with resistance- we create greater expansion through balancing opposites. Having the outer mirror of our partner helps us understand what it means to balance our outgoing energy while remaining deeply rooted in our centers.

Resistance often arises as we come together in Partner Yoga. We may want to override our basic human need for connection and harmony with others because it feels safer and easier to remain separate.  Through our willingness to stay compassionately connected, bearing the discomfort that may arise; we have the opportunity to heal ancient patterns of separation and suffering.

Touch – is a powerful form of communication. In Partner Yoga, simply being in physical contact with our partner enhances our ability to stay present and focused –
deepening and integrating our physical, emotional and spiritual experience.

Creativity – is the blossoming of consciousness. Partner Yoga is a way we can reconnect with the childlike joy and innocence of creativity.  It is a way to play together – inventing new and fascinating ways to connect with form and energy.

Grounding – To be grounded is to feel held by life. We sense and honor our connection to one another and to the earth. Partner Yoga offers a way to return to our human home and to the serenity and ecstasy that embodiment offers. It provides the safety and containment that enables repressed emotions to be released.

Community – the principle of community brings us back to full circle to our first principle, union and to the understanding that our strongest need is for connection – with ourselves, each other and the Divine.

A partner is not necessarily an intimate relationship but a person that wants to move deeper into life with you and support each other.

Partner Yoga has deep healing abilities and can be used to reestablish a relationship, heal the past and allow for new beginnings.


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